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Louis singing into your right ear and Zayn singing into your left ear

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an apple a day keeps anyone away if you throw it hard enough

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  • Me: So what do you want to be for Halloween?
  • Little Girl: I think I should be Thor.
  • Her Mother: You know Thor's a boy right?
  • Little Girl: Yeah and I'm a girl and I want to be Thor.
  • Her Mother: Don't you want to be something pretty?
  • Little Girl: Thor is pretty.
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This is on loop in my head. And I’m wondering myself. And I wish I wasn’t, I really wish I wasn’t.
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    i once got kicked out of walmart for sitting in one of their lawn chairs for an extended period of time

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    Anonymous: where have you been? omg i missed your blog!!

    wow i didn’t realize anyone really cared i existed on this website lol

    well i’d use the classic “i was caught up in school!!1!” lie but that’s not like me. actually, i run three other blogs on here and it’s a lot for one person to handle, you feel me? plus there’s my twitter and my youtube and my and my instagrams and my 8tracks and i just have a lot of websites to keep updated and i haven’t found time to log into my personal tumblr. but i’m back now!

    other than me and my stupid social media you haven’t really missed much except i joined the one direction fandom oh heckle

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